IBM Sports and Entertainment realized they have a unique opportunity to create significant technology-based value for rights holders and large venue operators due to their innovative go-to-market approach comprised of four core skills: technology system design, integration with other technology companies, digital fan and customer experiences, and Watson-powered data insights.

Additionally, IBM leverages solutions borne through many of their industry relationships with legacy customers across every sector of the Fortune 100 – and world class sports and entertainment partnerships, such as The Masters, Wimbledon, US Open Tennis Championships, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Live Nation, and Pebble Beach Resorts.


Connect Partnership Group had built a long-standing relationship with IBM executives over the past decade, and because of Connect’s exposure to IBM technology, our aptitude of their value proposition and our experience negotiating sports and entertainment partnerships, IBM asked Connect to formally represent their solutions across the industry.

Connect is proud to have initiated and strategized more than a dozen opportunities with teams and venues in all major sporting leagues in the US, as well as international opportunities with sports such as Formula 1 and International Cricket.  And because IBM’s approach and solutions are universally valuable, Connect has secured opportunities with Smart Cities, Airport and Convention Centers.